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Looking for a way to enhance your home or workplace? If so, you've come to the right place. AFC Forestry is more than just a logging company. We provide a wide variety of residential and commercial services in Arlington, WA, including lot clearing, property maintenance, new construction, remodeling, road work and concrete pouring services.

We treat our first-time customers to an estimate and up to two hours of planning and development absolutely free. Put our skills to the test today - call 360-421-6706 to discuss your needs with our general contractor.

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Local residents keep coming back to us for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons being that our licensed and insured logging company was founded by a man who has been a forestry expert for over six years and a general contractor for over nine. After starting this business, he built a team of fellow professionals who are passionate about helping the members of our Arlington, WA community.

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