Clear Your Dense Forrest With Ease

Discuss your needs with our logging contractor in Arlington, WA

Whether you want to clear your land for farming or construction, the pros at AFC Forestry can get the job done right. Our logging contractors in Arlington, WA have the necessary tools and skills to cut up your trees efficiently. Trust us to turn your overgrown trees into usable timber.

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Trust our 5-step logging process

Before we cut down a single tree, you can trust us to visit your property and assess your timber's estimated value. Once we agree on the price of your timber, we'll create a custom contract based on your needs.

Then, you can count on us to:

  • Cut down unwanted trees
  • Grind up the remaining stumps
  • Clean up any leftover debris
  • Haul the wood away efficiently
  • Sell the valuable timber to a local mill

Our process can vary depending on the nature of your custom contract. If you need us to replant your land or prepare it for another use, we can do that too.

Ready to get started on your land clearing project? Schedule an in-person consultation with our logging contractor today.